Firefox adding numbers to catchup Chrome 9 & Opera11!

Bigger the number attached with softwares, greater do they impress us – fact that we cannot deny! Great numbers associated to softwares gives firefox_iconimpression of maturity and addition of advance feature. Firefox 4, though still in its beta & yet feature rich, is competitive to its so called mature browsers out in the market but the number 4, makes it a kid in front of all the browsers with big numbers affixed! So to appear competitive with its competitors, Mozilla is scheduling speedy release of Firefox in 2011. On one hand Firefox 4 is in its beta, on the other hand, Mozilla Firefox 7 is expected to come around by the end of this year!


But we cannot say this prompt release of Firefox in the running year is simply to draw near its competitive browsers and to match their numbers. Mozilla has some major improvements in mind for the upcoming versions. Firefox 5 scheduled to be released by June this year, is expected to get substantial UI alteration with a 240 pixels wide URL bar and more responsive tabs. It is also expected to support 64-bit Windows 7 while, Firefox 6 is assumed to focus on web applications framework.

With all its enhancements, Mozilla does have in mind the value of adding numbers to it’s browser! Well, there is nothing novel in it. It has happened in the tech world, and will continue too. Who can ignore the fact that Iphone with O.S 2 was popularly Iphone 3g. Most of us (one’s into Iphone models) can easily be deluded that Iphone 3g is 3rd model. So did Microsoft do to it’s Xbox to fight back counterpart Sony! Xbox 360 built on second generation console was named 360 (giving an impression of being built on third generation console) to fight back Playstation 3! The Idea is not bad!! At the end of the story, it’s the consumers who will benefit in the browser war! Newer versions, new features and better experience…