Fire up your creativity with the latest Dream Studio release!

Rock musician and software developer Dick MacInnis, announced a few days ago the availability of the new Dream Studio release which is based on Ubuntu 12.04.

Dream Studio is a GNU/Linux multimedia distribution, aiming to offer tools for graphic designers, photographers, music composers and video editors. The main reason to upgrade is that the latest release is based on an LTS version of Ubuntu, thus it is a lot more stable and for the specialized uses that such distributions have, stability is a serious matter. Another important reason to upgrade would be that all applications and tools are at their latest version.

Lets take a look at the available tools that Dream Studio offers out of the box.

Besides all that, there are of course more application that cover the daily desktop need like ¬†Firefox, LibreOffice, Thunderbird and Tomboy. The only thing I have to notice before suggesting the download of this great distribution is that some users reported that while the system works perfectly in live mode, it doesn’t work at all after the installation. Dick McInnis is already working on that, and I suppose there will be a bugfix minor version available soon.

Dream Studio