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Phil Miller proudly announced the last milestone for Chakra the GNU/2011.04 a powerful Arch Linux distro last week.  The Chakra Project, today, remains a milestone for Arch Linux and is as important as Ubuntu has become for Debian. It was born out of need for an Arch Linux distribution but with simple project principles combing the

elegance of a KDE. Project Chakra with telling Qt design and cutting-edge KDE Software compilation is charting new courses by adopting a half-rolling release model for stable updates for software and a one-of-a-kind bundle system for integrating key GTK apps with the environment.

Quick Intro to Project Chakra

In May 2010, Chakra operating system, known as Phoix was released. However, the exponential growth led to the KDEmod development being dropped and Chakra was given complete impetus to become a very stable and well received project. Dec of 2011will likely be the official 1.0 release of the project.

What Chakra delivers on

Due credit needs to be given to the project developers as they have stuck to their initial goals developing this project. Simple, quick and elegant Chakra has every feature a dream distro needs and is fast building on its core strengths.

Chakra in actually is more than a simple distro, It is essentially a sophisticated Project that keeps things uncluttered, linear and transparent that simply does not make it a for-everything and everyone –type of distro. Therefore, structure and code are crisp and cleanly visible as well as giving it an inherent stability. The stable features give Chakra its great momentum- speed, power and high-featured usability.

Project Chakra fast grows on the user as it allows scope for easy foundation building of various capabilities, much to their delight.

The Heart of Chakra is the finely tuned Live CD, atop a KDE and Qt platform that allows for quick, flexible bundle system followed by the half-rolling release model that ensures, users will not have to spend time on updating and reinstalling new systems.

It is largely due to its powerful tools specific to Project Chakra that it derives its main competency. Chakra core is its tool, the Tribe graphic-installer on a full fledged KDE system that has achieved Project Chakra’s modular and scaling capabilities.

Chakra 2011.04 Milestone 5 offers the following features

Prior to the Final Release of Aida on 22nd April, the fifth and last release of chakra 2011.04 is symbolic and significant.

KDE 4.6.2 is now fixed, creating stable packages. The Burg installation because of GPT support has improved features. WLAN detection while on live is on course now allowing for faster language installation through Tribe along with a fully translated Appset-Qt with CCR support.

The DVD edition users need to follow specific call instructions, by logging in as Live and calling “sudo pacman -U /opt/chakra/pkgs/nvidia-lts*” followed by startx. This will be fixed on the final images as presently the nividia-Its kernel modul is missing and running Kernel-Its and nivdia driver will land on the terminal.

Soliciting community

Download if you have 691 MB with MD5 or a 700MB, MD5, explore Chakra find its capabilities and appreciate Miller and his team for a job well done. Of course, the bugs missed need to be reported and follow-up is actively solicited for Chakra’s fruitful evolution.

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