ffDiaporama 1.3 has been released!

ffDiaporama 1.3 has been released, this awesome application allow you to create a video sequences consisting of
titles (fixed or animated),   images or photos( fixed or animated), movie clips,  music. These sequences are assembled into a slide show by means of transitions of sequence to produce complete videos

Whats `s new in this release?

  • – Transformation of texts in rich text (Warning: The modification of the rendering system can provoke an estimate of the texts of the projects saved with previous versions.)
  • – Addition of animations for texts (Zoom and scrolling) in mode for this shot
  • – Addition of animations for blocks in mode during this shot
  • – Addition of UNDO feature to some dialogs (Slide, Text, Image, Cut video and Background)
  • – Modification of the slide dialog:
    • To allow multiple block selection (blocks table, interactive zone and some functions)
    • To add locking of properties
  • – Addition of a button to capture current image for the preview video player and in cut video dialog

Download packages are available for Ubuntu12.04, LinuxMint13, Fedora17 and more

Download ffDiaporama 1.3