Fedora 25 released!

Fedora 25, a lot of improvements

On November 22,Red Hat’s Fedora community Linux distribution debuted its second major milestone release of 2016. Fedora is not just a GNU/Linux distribution, but a global community working to improve free and open source software.

As usual, the community delivered three editions: Fedora 25 Workstation, Fedora 25 Server, Fedora 25 Atomic Host.

Fedora 25 Workstation

This is were big things happens. The most important part is the debut of the Wayland display server as default. After decades, X11 system is ready to leave, replaced by a modern infrastructure, providin a richer experience for graphical environments and a better way to interact with hardware.
The flagship version also includes GNOME 3.22, which bring many enhancements. Developers will find updated tools, and a improved Flatpak support.
And a new entry. In fact, just as stated in the releases note:”Fedora 25 provides the Rust compiler and its Cargo package management tool”.

Fedora 25 Server

This version now includes a new SELinux Troubleshooter module for Cockpit; this helps when a SELinux denial is encountered, without manual workarounds.
And what if you need to see what keys are connecting to a machine? Fedora now will display SSH keys in the Cockpit dashboard!
There are also improvements in FreeIPA, which has been upgraded to 4.4 version.

Getting more informations

For a complete releases note, take a look here.