Fedora 21 has Been Released!

Hi Fedora fans!

Here is the good news for you. The most anticipated Fedora 21 final is now made available for download.

It comes with three flavors:

  • Workstation Edition
  • Server Edition
  • Cloud Edition

These three flavors comes with the same packages for the kernel, RPM, Yum, systemd, and Anaconda.

Fedora 21 Workstation

The Fedora team have been working hard for the past several months to make this Fedora desktop version. One of the notable feature of Fedora 21 Workstation is experimental Wayland support which is the new and exciting display server technology that will power Linux desktops of the future. So that you can test and explore the capabilities of this new technology. Concerning about playing high resolution movies/games on your desktop? Don’t worry. Fedora 21 supports the new generation of HiDPI displays found on new hardware like many new ultrabook models, or the Apple Retina display.

Fedora 21 is not only for home users, but also it offers DevAssistant developer helper for developer, which takes care of this setup for a large number of language runtimes and IDEs.

including all of the above, Fedora 21 Workstation ships with Kernel 3.17.4, GNOME 3.14.2, GTK 3.14.5 and the following applications by default.

  • systemd 216;
  • Xorg Server 1.16.1;
  • Mesa 10.3.3;
  • LibreOffice;
  • Firefox 33;
  • Empathy 3.12.7;
  • Rhythmbox 3.1.1;
  • Transmission 2.84;
  • Shotwell 0.20.2;
  • openJDK8;
  • And more.

Fedora 21 Server

Fedora 21 server introduces new server management, monitoring, and configuration tools called Rolekit, Cockpit, and OpenLMI. These three tools are capable of handling tasks like server management, administration, monitoring, and configuration of your Fedora server either locally or remotely via a web browser. Also, Fedora 21 comes with a domain controller service called FreeIPA which is used to give centralized authentication,  authorization, user and group management and more,

Fedora 21 Cloud

The Fedora Cloud working group is now concentrating much on Cloud technology.

This group says:

Cloud is now a top-level deliverable for Fedora 21, and includes images for use in private cloud environments like OpenStack, as well as AMIs for use on Amazon, and a new “Atomic” image streamlined for running Docker containers.

Also, Fedora Cloud team says that the Fedora Cloud edition size is about 25% smaller than Fedora 20 Cloud for faster deployment. Good for for the Cloud administrators, isn’t it?

Fedora Spins

Not everyone is fan of GNOME. That’s why Fedora community have created other spins like Fedora LXDE, Fedora KDE, Fedora XFCE, and Sugar on a Stick (SoaS).. If you’re interested, you can have them too.

Getting Fedora

Head over to the the following links to download Fedora 21 GNOME(Workstation), Server or Cloud Editions.

To download Fedora Spins, check out the following link.