Fedora 20 Will Be Unleashed On November 26

Hello Guys!

Where are Fedora Geeks? I will give you guys some information about the release schedule for Fedora 20. I know that you can not wait to test this distribution, so lets go straight to the main point. What is the name of the upcoming Fedora 20? When is the Alpha Release coming out? What about Beta? What About the final version of Fedora 20?

Heisenbug! What is that?! Heisenbug is the codename for the upcoming Fedora 20 operating system, due for release later this year. What does Heisenbug mean? Heisenbug is a term for a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behaviour when one attempts to study it. So strange, isn’t it?

The name for the upcoming Fedora was announced by Robyn Bergeron, the Fedora Project leader in the mailing list announcement. This name is the result of the voting process which took place between Friday, August 16, and Friday, August 30, 2013. I wish the name for Fedora 20 was Ice Cream, but unfortunately it is not. Ice Cream name was on the list with other possible names such as Eigenstate, Félicette, Superego,  Chateaubriand, Santa Claus, and Österreich.

The results of  Fedora 20 Release Name Voting are now available for viewing and I can say that Heisenbug is on top with 1549 votes. The ‘1’ name is at the bottom with only 20 votes. The voting results are shown below but you can visit the official fedora project website to view them.


Votes :: Name
1549 :: Heisenbug
1291 :: Eigenstate
961 :: Félicette
879 :: Superego
826 :: Cherry Ice Cream
808 :: Chateaubriand
750 :: Santa Claus
653 :: Österreich
1 :: 20

I will not give more information about the voting process. This is more than enough! It is time to tell you guys everything you have been waiting for so long. Fedora 20  will be officially released on November 26, 2013 and before the final release will be an alpha and beta release.

– September 19th, 2013 – Fedora 20 Alpha release
– October 22nd, 2013 – Fedora 20 Beta release
– November 26th, 2013 – Fedora 20 final release