Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” Officially Released!

Yeah! finally Fedora 20 “Heisenbug” final release is now available for downloads.

Fedora 20 whose final release was extended to December 17, 2013 due to Anaconda is now available for download.

Fedora is a fast, stable, and powerful operating system for everyday use built by a worldwide community of friends. It’s completely free to use, study, and share.

Fedora 20 from the release announcement was dedicated to Seth Vidal:

On July 8, the Fedora Project lost Seth Vidal, a dedicated, tireless, and brilliant contributor. Seth was a lead developer of Yum and the Fedora update repository system. He worked to ensure that the technical and community infrastructure of Fedora worked well and consistently for users and contributors around the world. Seth touched the lives of hundreds of Fedora contributors directly and millions of others indirectly by improving the experience of using and updating Fedora.

The Fedora Project dedicates the Fedora 20 release to Seth and asks that you join us in remembering his generous spirit and incredible work that helped make Fedora what it is today. We miss you, Seth.

It also comes in the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Fedora.


1. Fedora 20 comes different versions an spins, some of which are:

– Gnome 3


– Xfce



 2. Support for ARM Architecture

3. Cloud and Virtualization Improvements

4. Big Data

5. Developer Goodness and more here

System Requirements

All you need to get Fedora 20 up and running are:

– A blank CD or DVD or a blank 1GB+ USB stick.

– 64-bit Intel-compatible PC

– 1GB memory (RAM)

– At least 10 GB hard drive space (only required for installation),

More at Fedora also check the Release Notes of Fedora 20.

You just need to head over here and download a copy of your choice. The LIVE media is also available for new users who just want to give Fedora a try without main installation.

Watchout for our step by step installation guide soon.