Faenza Icons 0.9 comes with a new "darkest" theme, new applications and status icons

The Popular Faenza Icons received an update today, this version comes with a new theme, new applications, new status icon and more.


What`s new in version 0.9?

* A new “darkest” theme with status and actions icons both in light grey
* A wide bunch of old and new devices and actions in all sizes
* New applications: debian software center, deja-dup, dc++, dvdrip, GCStar, guake, haguichi, Me TV, meld, file manager, nautilus actions configuration tool, tvtime, xine, zim
* New status icons for Cover Gloobus, Me TV, zim, guake, keepassx
* Highlight borders have been modified for all squared icons in 22×22 and 24×24
* All monochromes icons have been reworked for smoother contrast
* A new design for most of actions in 32×32 and above
* Some reworked icons for applications
* Subtle change in folders colour
* Some fixes

Installation :

  • For Ubuntu:

Open Terminal and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme

  • For Other linux distributions:

Download the tar.gz file and extract it.

Now cd the folder where you download the icon pack, my case :

cd /home/zinovsky/Download/

Now install the icons using the command:


Running the ./INSTALL script to choose the distribution logo (Ubuntu, by default) and the Gnome menu icon. If run as root, the script will copy the iconsets to /usr/share/icons to made them available to all users. Some default icons used by Rhythmbox and Dockmanager may be also replaced.
Run ./UNINSTALL as root to restore defaults icons.

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