Enlightenment 17 is soon to be released!

The founder and leader of Enlightenment window manager and set of libraries, announced a few days ago that the next release will be the last one before they will finally release the long awaited version 17!

How crazy is that? Well…some of you may think that this is a Linux version 3.0, or Wine version 1.0 situation but it is not. “Rasterman”, begun the development of version 0.17, or E17 almost 12 years ago (December 2000), but his (legendary) insistence to perfection led the project into a never ending road of development. Bugfixing, polishing and inner/outer completion was the dream and reality for every Enlightenment developer all these years, and now it is the time that this lovely project will reach its biggest goal!

This is how E17 will look like!

Most of the right now available Enlightenment themes will stop working but you can find some of the still working here.

So, is this going to be the first completely bugfree piece of software ever made? This is practically impossible, but I am sure it is going to be the most complete window manager that exists (till E18 gets released). Right now, developers fix 5 to 20 bugs every day, and everyone is getting prepared for the EFL 1.7 release.

Carsten Haitzler writes:

There’s probably been better times to try out E17 given how many things I actively break while trying to fix other things, but I can definitely assure readers that there has never been a time closer to its release than right now. Except now. And now.
So if you’ve tried E17 before and gave up because it lacked something, give it a shot again. If it’s still missing that exact feature that you need, file a bug in trac: I get paid to do nothing but fix them!
If you’ve never tried E17 and you want a highly configurable, good-looking desktop environment, try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll personally refund the cost.