Emulating DS games with DesmuMe| Nintendo emulator for Linux

DesmuME is a popular open source Nintendo DS emulator for the Linux, Windows and Mac OSX platform. It has a ton of unique functions and is the most feature rich emulator to exist till date.

We, the Linux users have always been deprived of good video games. Emulation can heal that wound to a certain level. DesmuME has the ability to play a lot of commercial titles as well as homebrew ones. So, if you’re bored, this might be worth giving it a go. This tutorial will cover the installation of DesmuME in detail.

The Linux version of DesmuME is available as source code only. We will have to build it from scratch.

First things first, let’s get the dependencies out of the way.

sudo apt-get install gcc make libglib2 libgtk2 libglade gettext libsdl zlib intltool agg libasound

We now need to grab the source. Head on over to http://desmume.org/download/ and grab the latest source. It was 0.9.7 at the time of this writing.

wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/desmume/desmume-0.9.7.tar.gz?download
tar xvzf desmume-0.9.7.tar.gz

All that’s left is configuring it and installing.

cd desmume-0.9.7 
sudo make install

That’s all. For info on how to actually boot up a nds rom, read the readme included.

A word of advice: It’s illegal to emulate a rom that you don’t have a physical copy of. Please don’t download roms illegally.

example (running  game  Star wars in my  own  machine)

Known issues:

If you have a crash on a 64bit environment while disabling/enabling sound during gameplay, deinstall agg (libagg-dev on Debian) and rebuild. This should solve the problem.


This is a guest post contributed by Convexity