eepDater: A GUI For Apt-get Package Updates On Bodhi Linux

The Bodhi Linux lead developer Jeff Hoogland has introduced a graphical tool called eepDater for apt-get package updates. The eepDater is A GUI system updater for apt-get based systems written in Elementary and Python. It is somewhat similar to Synatic, but just only for package updates, not for installing and removing packages. The eepDater provides a very simple, but functional, GUI for selecting which package updates you’d like to install on your computer via apt-get. You can simply select the package updates that you want to apply to your system and click apply button, the eepDater will do the rest.

eepDater main

Why eepDater? Why not use Synaptic?

Jeff Hoogland says that we don’t require a million features/filters/search options for something to just install package updates. That’s why he developed this simple tool. Be mindful that eepDater isn’t the complete replacement of Synaptic tool. Synaptic has much more options for installing, removing, updating/upgrading packages, instead eepDater is just to update the installed packages on your system.

Install eepDater On Bodhi Linux

eepDater is available on default repositories of Bodhi Linux 3.0 or newer. Enter the following command to install eepDater from the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install eepdater

Or you can grab the source code here and compile it yourself.

That’s it. Open up the eepDater and search for updates, and install them.

Source: Thoughts on technology