Dream Studio 11.04- A based Ubuntu Multimedia OS

Ubuntu based multimedia software Dream Studio announced the laest release 11.04. As with other Ubuntu distros, Dream Studio release follows the latest Ubuntu release, this summer Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, and includes new changes for the new Unity environment.

So, there is a lot of excitement happening with the new release says,Dick MacInnis, while announcing the release of Dream Studio 11.04. The new version includes all of the earlier greater features and more for the new changes happening with Ubuntu 11.04.

What makes Dream Studio so great?

Dream Studio is a open source software to create sophisticated, stunning graphics, videos, music and great-looking websites. It has several high performance pre-configured applications that this single-package integration of all multimedia functions is what distinguishes Dream Studio from other similar software.

Dream Studio software offers multi-users,”PulseAudio-integrated real-time audio via JACK” functional features. It consists of pre-configured application suite, such as Ardor, Blender, Inkscape, Cinelerra and others.

Cinelerra video editor is venered software for non-linear editing, on the lines of Apples’ Final Cut Pro and supports 30 visual effect such as motion tracking, chromakey and several other great features.

There are unique music features such as Hydrogen, along with several drum kits, samplers and synthesizers such as Zynaddsubfx and Bristol, which make this software so complete and capable.

What is new with the DreamStudio 11.04?

If you are beginner or want automatic upgrades of all latest distribution release, the developers have taken care of that with automatic re-enabling and updation.

An important feature is that soon all software will be available on the PPAs enabling faster porting to any architecture and instant upgrade to new release. Newer software backporting will be easier and users looking for LTS will be spared from installing unstable releases for the latest features. Already available is the KXStudio Team PPAs so installing multimedia applications will become even more easy.

The first signification upgrade is of the Blender to 2.59 version with a Ocean Sim patch. Sonic Visualiser and Smasher are introduced here and the excellent MakeHuman makes its debut. It is open source innovative software for modelling 3-Dimensional humanioid characters. It works with high quality mesh, which works with subdivision surface mode, like Zbrush creating a photorealistic character in under two minutes and works wonderfully with Windows to Linux.

Significantly, the latest version has several bug fixes along with new applications.

Available by default is the lowlatency kernel with automatic installation for systems that have more than 3GB RAM. Unity desktop brings new changes and the loss of several common functions like the weather indicator or the workspace indicator are now included in the new version.

To enable ease of installation and removal of software, metapackages are separated. Hence, graphic design meta-packages and photography meta-packages for graphic design, software instruments as well as audio effects enabling better software management.

If graphics and quality video is what you want, then Dream Studio 11.04 is the single software you will require to get the complete professional finish on just your desktop!

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