DoudouLinux 1.2 has been released! | Linux distro for Kids

DoudouLinux has been updated to version 1.2, according to the announcement, the new release comes with some improvements, added support for Finnish, Galician, and Norwegian (Nynorsk), the size of the application launcher icons in the advanced activities of Gondwana is now computed based on screen resolution, internal disk partitions of the computer are now mounted read-only at boot —to protect them from the childrens curiosity and… mistakes!, translations and PDF documentations have been updated.

Download DoudouLinux 1.2

About DoudouLinux:

“DoudouLinux is a Debian-based distribution targeting young children. Its goals are to make computer use as simple and pleasant as possible while also making information technology more accessible to all children on earth, without discrimination. DoudouLinux uses a heavily customised LXDE desktop with a simple navigation system that offers links to about fifty applications for education, fun, work and multimedia tasks.”