Dolphin Can't Move Files to Trash


Dolphin Can’t Move Files to Trash. How to solev this ?



I had  the same problems deleting  to the  Trash in OpenSuse 11.4   KDE  . Found this solution:

navigate to .local/share/Trash and open the directories there with files bellow to delete.

pirat9@linux-ooju:~/.local/share/Trash>; ls
files  info  metadata

Via  Dolphin  File  and Folder  manager ,  go to the  above  directory , click the edit tab to select all, hold down the shift key and hit the delete key on the keyboard to delete.
You will be prompted with the are you sure messaage, just click yes.

The  other  Issue  can be that  the  trash folder  is  under  root  access   !!!!

command Line :
rm -rf ~/.Trash/*


rm -rf  .local/share/Trash/*