Developing Ubuntu Apps. Why?

I dream of being an independent app developer for smartphones, one day. Can you imagine what a joy it would be to write applications from your geek garage, put them on the market and wait for people to buy them? You earn money, fame and respect in the Ubuntu community.

Are you a little confused on how to develop apps for Ubuntu? What tools you need? Are people going to buy your apps? And why develop apps for Ubuntu? These are the questions that everyone asks in the first steps of his career as an app developer. This article’s intention is to answer your question regarding the ‘why‘.

Why You Should Develop for Ubuntu

Freedom- There are many reasons why you should develop applications for Ubuntu. One of the main reasons is that while developing Ubuntu applications, you will be free. What does that mean? There is nobody that tells you what price you should put on the app. It can be free or paid, open-source or closed-source. It is your choice.

Glory, Fame and Money- Are you a modern Achilles, working hard for glory and fame? The Ubuntu community is the perfect place to achieve your goals. It’s a very warm community that will value your work and contribution(s). Being a Ubuntu app developer, you have the opportunity to target audience of millions by developing apps for one of the third most popular desktop operating system. Do you have a great idea that can be a hit in the app market? Go for it!

Are you after money? The Ubuntu Software Center is the perfect place to sell your apps. It allows users to download and install your apps with a single click and Ubuntu users can review or/and rate your app through the Software Center directly. For every click on your app-you get paid.

Being Independent- When you work for someone else, they own you and your work. Ubuntu gives you the chance to make a fortune, you start with nothing and if you do well you could end up being wealthy. You work for yourself, you own your work and the most important thing is that other people will appreciate you for what you are doing.

Being under the pressure of a boss kills creativity and without creativity there is no premises for developing good apps. Imagination is the most important thing in software development and being free and independent means that you can work on your crazy ideas that are the very fruits of your imagination. Do you think your boss would risk his business for your crazy imagination? Ubuntu is the right place for you.

Welcome to freedom, you set the price of your app, you decide if it is going to be open-source or closed-source and you decide what license you want to use.

Great and Supportive Community

The Ubuntu Community is a community that welcomes new Ubuntu users and developers. They know that sharing your apps with them requires hard work, passion and dedication so they are there to support you. You don’t need marketing to promote your apps, the community will do it for you. If your app is special to Ubuntu users and helps them to complete their tasks they will give love back to you by reviewing your app and rating it on the Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu users are very technically minded users and a suggestion or feedback from them will make you a better developer. So you give to the community and the community gives back to you. The Ubuntu Community is another great reason why you should consider developing Ubuntu apps. I am thinking to do that in the near future.