Dax OS Desktop, A Linux Operating System

Dax OS is a lightweight distro based on Ubuntu Linux. It is open source and completely free. This free Linux operating system aims to provide users with an innovative concept of software, be intuitive and easy. Dax OS does not consume too much resources, it run on 128 MB of RAM and 3GB hard disk space,but it is recommended to have 256-512 MB of RAM and 5GB hard disk space.

Dax OS offers periodic updates and provides several editions, for desktop, for kids, for elders, and for the bleeding-edge users. It has more than 11000 downloads and has a first prize from Granada University. It is very easy to use and friendly for beginners.

DaxosWhat is the Philosophy of Dax OS?

Not everyone has the right skills to use a Linux distribution, so the main purpose of Dax OS is to offer a simple Linux system which can be used by kids, adults and seniors. In a few word, Dax OS offers a different desktop, adapted to the needs of the entire population. “Our purpose is to offer a strong, simple and enjoyable system.”, Dax OS team writes in Dax OS official website.

Environment And Updates

Dax OS uses Enlightenment as around 17, a lightweight desktop. Enlightenment desktop is simply known as E. E17 comes with many features such as virtual desktop grid feature, icons on the desktop, a built-in file manager, fully themeable, with both a menu-based and command-line theme-changing interface and many more.

You can use Enlightenment as a full desktop environment or you can combine it with with a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE. It is colorful, fast and is developed in gambas3. Several maintenance versions are released in a year with the intention of seeking errors and adding small improvements.


Dax OS makes it possible to install applications in one click from the Dax OS Store. It has everything you need, video players, web browsers and text editors. Mozilla Firefox web browser, Cassandra music player, Andromeda desktop environment, Medusa text editor, Dax OS Store, and Dax OS Widgets are included in this Ubuntu based operating system.

Dax OS is virus-free, simple, enjoyable and innovative!