How To Create A Simple Website Using Google Sites

First, To create a Google Site, you should have a Google Account.

Once you’ve signed in to your Google Account, you can start developing your Google site. Click the following link.

Now, enter your Gmail account ID and Password.

Create account

First write your site name. Example- johor. Choose one of the displayed site templates or just use the default blank template, or click Browse gallery for more to review more template choices. Enter your site name and the URL where it will be located (for example, The name and URL you choose can’t be changed after you create your site, or used again if the site is deleted.

Click “More options” and select the appropriate checkbox if your site contains mature material. You can also add an optional site description in this section.

Then, click “Select a theme” to pick a theme for your site.

Enter the wavy characters in the word verification section, and click the Create button at the top of the page. Now, you’ve created your site,

new page

You can create a new page by clicking the New page button in the top right corner of your window.


Then, name the new page and select the type of page you want: webpage, announcement, file cabinet, or list. After you’ve selected where you want to locate the page, click the Create button at the top of the page.


Editing your site

To edit your Google site, click the Edit Page button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The edit toolbar will provide you with the tools necessary to edit your Google site.


Here’s what each option does:

Undo and redo changes.

You can undo and redo changes by clicking the arrow buttons in the toolbar. You can also use these keyboard shortcuts:

Undo (Ctrl-z)
Redo (Ctrl-y or Shift-Ctrl-z)

Change the font type and size

You can select the font type and size using the two drop-down menus. Edit text.

Add boldface type and italics, underline text, and change the color of your text or text background:

  • B adds boldface type
  • I allows you to italicize
  • U underlines text
  • The A on the left changes text color
  • The A on the right changes the text background color

Create a link

Highlight the text that you want to turn into a link, and click the Link button. A window appears with these options for creating your link:

  • Existing page (with an option to choose Create new page and link to it)
  • Web address
  • Apps Script

Create a list

Click the Numbered list button or the Bullet list button, depending on the type of list you need to add to the site. Then type the first item, and press Enter. The next number or bullet point appears.

Indent or move your list:

The Tab key can help you indent your bullet points, while the Enter key will move back your indentation.

Align your text:

Click the two buttons next to the bulleted list to indent or move back the starting point when adding a bulleted or numbered list. Click twice to move each item two spaces, and so forth.

Remove formatting and edit HTML:

Use these buttons for your page alignment. You have the option to align the text on your page to the left, center, or right side of the page.

You can remove the formatting from any part of your page by highlighting the relevant text and clicking this icon.

Click the HTML button to edit the HTML on your site. Please keep in mind that we do limit the amount of editing that can be done. Some advanced coding won’t work

Sharing your site

Now that you’ve created your Google site, you can share it with your friends, family, coworkers, or make it public. Just choose Share this site from the More actions drop-down menu.


Note: Share this site lets you choose who views, edits, and owns content on your site. Even with these controls, use care when you publish sensitive personal information on the web.

Users set to “Can view” can view pages.

Users set to “Can edit” can:

  • Create, edit, delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Add attachments
  • Add comments
  • Subscribe to site and page changes

Users set to “Is owner” can:

  • Do everything that users set to “Can edit” can do
  • Set other people as “Can view,” “Can edit,” and “Is owner”
  • Change site themes and layout
  • Change the site name
  • Delete the site

If you are a Google Apps user, you can also control sharing settings across the entire domain. However, if your Google Apps domain is managed by an administrator, the administrator can restrict your ability to share your site with people outside your domain.

That’s All. Now Enjoy your own site.