Coverflow ALT-TAB- A nice extension for Cinnamon

Coverflow ALT-TAB is a great  extension for cinnamon that  let’s you Alt-Tab through your windows in a cover-flow manner.

Installation of Coverflow extension:

1- Download coverflow extension from this link

2- Extract the extension to your desktop and copy it to  ~.local/share/cinnamon/extensions , ~.local is a hidden folder in your home directory, unhide folders before to copy.

You can do that also by command line, first extract the file and copy it to ~.local folder:

cp -r ~.local/share/cinnamon/extensions

3- When installed, go to cinnamon settings ( Menu–>Preferences–> Cinnamon settings)and activate the extension

Then activate the extension:

4- Now restart cinnamon, ALT + F2 and type r.

Now use the extension by pressing ALT+TAB

That`s all.