Conky date- Easy way to display time, date on your desktop

Conky date is another conky theme that allow you to display time, date and information of your system on your desktop.

Installation is quit easy, just follow these steps (Tested on Ubuntu12.04 Precise Pangolin and LinuxMint 13 RC Maya):

1- Install conky

sudo apt-get install conky-all

2- Download conky date theme to .conky directory, if it is not existing create it manually

cd .conky wget

3- Now start conky date by typing this command in terminal

cocky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc

until now you have the theme installed and working.

If you want to change the location of the time/date/ system information from bottom-right to somewhere else on your desktop. Edit ~/.conky/conkyrc

gedit ~/.conky/conkyrc

and look for position and change it. For borders change gap_x and gap_y:

If you want to make it start automatically with system startup, go to to menu and open startup applications, then click on add and fill in the following

Name : conky date start

command : sh -c “sleep 30s; conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc”

Via lffl