Coming soon Linux Wasteland 2 to Linux

Linux Games are going main stream now. Wasteland 2 follows the greatly successful 1988 version of the role playing game, by the same name. Wasteland follows the success of Double Fine Adventure developed by game producer of Brian Fargo of InXile Entertainment.

Termed a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game, it is expected to be a computer-only genre and will not be developed for consoles or other handheld platforms. The dream with Wasteland 2 is to create the magic of theFallout game series, which had earlier proved to be a complete new gaming experience in this genre.

Fallout was one of the first role-playing games, which allows players to break-away from existing parties and form splinter parties for strategic advantages. It also had several moral-based choices, of which players had to bear the consequence. It was also the first to offer a innovative options for puzzle solving and looked beyond one-key-for-one-lock genre.

The original Wasteland game was acquired fromKonami, as part of its Yu-gi-Oh franchise, back in 2003. Considering the success of the original Wasteland game for over two decades, the developers have sought public funding for their next version Wasteland 2 through the new funding model that KICKSTARTER offers. Brian Fargo’s earlier game, Double Fine Adventure had already tasted great success on the Kickstarter previously.

The story layout is designed in the far away post-apocalyptic American Southwest, with danger lurking everywhere. Roaming rangers moved from one adventure to the next, gaining promotions and building new skills as well as equipment. These teams would then face new challenges, arrive at different outcomes a well as build new strategies to defeat them. The highlight of Wasteland is its gripping, compelling story-line. It also had maximum options of re-playing opportunities and at the same time offered a variety of decision-making modes, which are rather painful in manner.

The storyline for Wasteland 2 as well, remains compelling and gives you an opportunity to explore the insights gained from playing the earlier version. It is expected to allow more sophisticated role-play as well as the latest layouts and gaming environment possible.

Wasteland 2, too, has been hugely successful and has grossed nearly $1M on community-funding-platform KickStrater, in less than 43 hours. The original idea was to reach a target of $900 to $1M pledges for the successful development of the game. However, the game has been immensely successful, and one of largest on Kickstarter. Just 22,000 people have pledged more than $1,211,165 as development funds to the hugely skilled Wasteland x development team.

As funds continue to flow, Brian Fargo has upped the stakes and introduced a greater incentive for Linux gamers: let Wasteland 2 cross $1.5M and Wasteland 2 will have a Linux Client.