Color it by Numbers – educational software for kids! | Linux

This article is specially formulated for unixmen readers who like to seek out engaging as well as educational software for their kids. In this post, I will review a coloring software “color it by numbers” available here. The software is simple and easy to be used by kids. No formal instructions or guideline is required to start. Children can enjoy the software independently without the supervision of adults. I have highlighted some features of the software bellow:



Educational Aspect:

Software comes with utterly attractive coloring pages. The software is not only appealing for children, but it has a strong educational motivation. The software gives children an insight to pattern and number recognition. With each picture one has a color palette, where every color is assigned a number (from 1 to 9). The picture is divided into detached pieces. Each piece has a number given to it that tells the child which color is to be filled in. The job of the children is to pick the color from the color palette according to the number given on the piece. Therefore the child has to first identify the number on the piece, remember it, pick the corresponding color from the palette and fill it. Children in this way will learn counting, memorizing and identification of numbers. Beside this the software also gives great insight to various colors.




Three Flavors:

The software comes in three different flavors specially designed for both genders. Girls can be fanaticized by “Color by number _Princess” version where they can color different pictures of princesses. While, for boys, the software integrates pictures of vehicles and animals in versions “Color by number _Vehicle” & “Color by number _Animals” respectively. Each version has 20 interesting coloring pages. Each version is separately available for download.



Chose your way to color!

The best thing about the software is that it has many options! For each of the three versions there exist 3 different coloring modes. You can color the picture with your favorite colors; fill the picture according to numbers or color to make the image visible.


Go wild with your creativity!

Children can easily change the preset colors and fill the image with their desired colors. This feature will surely boost their creativity.


The embellishments!

The software made eye-catching by adding special effects, some soothing music and colorful graphics. Once you finish coloring in an image, the numbers disappear with a delightful magical effect to form complete picture that will surely fascinate your kid! The effect is shown in the screenshot below.


The geeky features!

The software opens in full screen by default. The software is adapted for all screen resolutions. The software supports 5 languages. Each image is high-resolution image. The software is cross-platform and can be used by Windows, linux and Mac users. The image is automatically saved when once you color in it. The colored image will remain as it is when opened the second time.


Color it Numbers is very beneficial coloring image open source software that “will leave your kids indifferent”. Engaging in such softwares can be a healthy activity for kids in leisure time. Color it by number is a paid opensource software that costs about 9.99 USD. Buy it here.