Codename Archimedes- The First release of Chakra KDE 2012-02-12 is here |With screenshots Tour

The first release of the KDE 4.8 series of Chakra has been released , codename Archimedes, Chakra GNU/Linux featuring Linux 3.2 and KDE 4.8. With this release KDE is updated to 4.8.0, kernel to Linux 3.2.2. A new theme, Ronak is introduced. Updated Qt, boost, subversion, phonon packages, libxcb stack to name a few of the newer base packages included. A switch to GRUB2 has been decided on, to be more compatible with any other Operating System.

Chakra is now offering a DVD and CD version. The CD version gets you to a minimal working KDE desktop, with only a text-editor, file-manager, web-browser and a simple media player installed, no further apps, no language packs. The DVD version includes all the language packs, most of standard KDE apps, libre-office 3.4.5, amarok, kde-telepathy, spideroak , printer support, minitube, k3b to name a few.

With this release we offer:
– KDE 4.8.0
– Linux 3.2.2 ( optional)
– Qt 4.8
– DVD image, including all locales and a nice selections of apps
– minimal CD image you can build your desktop on
– tomoyo-tools 2.5 added to a default install, for more security options
– wqy-microhei became the new default font for Chinese/Japanese/Korean
– QtWebkit 2.2.1
– Boost 1.48, switch to GRUB2
You can install additional packages from our repositories.
Download Chakra KDE 2012-02-12

Via Chakra project