Chrome 12, What's new?

Happy Chrome 12 to 160 million users world-wide. Google releases Chrome 12 stable that claims to be more secure and flashy. Let’s see what improvements they have got this time in the browser after their six-week effort!


The first and the foremost are the changes that you can actually experience!

1- Chrome will support hardware accelerated 3D CSS. What does that mean? That means you will be able to see some classic webpages that implement 3D effects.  You will be able to have a better experience with web apps that implement 3D effects. This enhancement will also open a new era of browser-based gaming. Web developers will have libretti to create amazing 3D effects by placing images text and other content in 3D space. Experience it here.


Also try the famous Shaun the Sheep demo!

Now come the improvements under-the-hood!

2- The security: Now Chrome will detect any malicious file you are downloading even without knowing the URLs and website you visit. The functionality is limited at the moment to windows exe files and will soon be extended to Mac and linux.

3- Privacy: Finally as we talked in our earlier post about the non-delete-able Local Shared Objects (LSOs) such as flash cookies.  In the post, we indicated that before Flash 10.3 it was not possible to delete these cookies and they continue to accumulate in a folder on your computer and can pose a substantial security threat. The issue is handled in Chrome 12 now!! With Chrome 12 you will be able to delete the cookies created by Adobe Flash. To see the new option simply follow:

  • Go to the Options
  • And select Under The Hood and then Privacy
  • Click Clear Browsing data



Chrome now is the fastest growing browser and reportedly every 1 out of 8 person is using it as their primary browser! It is now for us to see what new improvements are coming up in the next version appearing just after 6 weeks according to the rapid release scheduled.

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