CherryTree 0.33 Has Been Released!

CherryTree is a hierarchical note taking application that has many useful features such as syntax highlighting, password protection and image handling. This note taking app supports many languages; read the following list to find out the supported languages by CherryTree:


  • Chinese Simplified (Channing Wong, up to date).
  • Czech (Pavel Fric, up to date).
  • Dutch (Patrick Vijgeboom, TO BE UPDATED).
  • English (default).
  • French (Benoît D’Angelo, up to date).
  • German (Frank Brungräber, up to date).
  • Italian (Giuseppe Penone, up to date).
  • Polish (Marcin Swierczynski, up to date).
  • Portuguese Brazil (Vinicius Schmidt, up to date).
  • Russian (Andriy Kovtun, up to date).
  • Spanish (Daniel MC, up to date).
  • Ukrainian (Andriy Kovtun, up to date).

CherryTree 0.33 comes with many fixed bugs, improved functionality and new features. The plain text type to nodes and codeboxes has been added, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S can bow be used to enable/disable spell check, find and replace in selected node and subnodes has been added and the export to pdf of documents with big images has large improved.

The following is the changelog for the release of Cherry 0.33 note taking application.

  • added import from html file and folder of html files.
  • added memory of selected node and expanded/collapsed nodes status for more cherrytree documents, not only the latest used.
  • added find and replace in selected node and subnodes.
  • added option in export to html to do not have the links tree in every page but just add a link to the index page at the bottom of every page.
  • improved export to pdf of documents with large images (automatically re-sized), large codeboxes and large tables (automatically splitted).
  • when switching node type from rich text to non rich text, tables and codeboxes are not just dropped but converted to plain text.
  • added plain text type to nodes and codeboxes; plain text nodes do not have any automatic syntax highlighting, they share the same font with rich text nodes and support all the lists types.
  • added right click menu to load codebox content from text file and save codebox content to text file.
  • added right click menu to delete codebox keeping the contained text.
  • added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S to enable/disable spell check.
  • added preferences option to display white spaces also for rich text nodes.
  • Ctrl+Tab replaces Ctrl+J for toggling focus between Tree and Text, when the focus is on the Tree also just Tab moves focus to Text.
  • fixed many bugs and improved functionality.

Would you like to install the latest version of CherryTree or giving it a try if you have not used it before? To install CherryTree 0.33 app in your linux distribution you have to compile it from source or use the deb package if you are using a debian based linux distribution such as Ubuntu.

1. Use the following command to download the source code of CherryTree 0.33.


2. Once the download is finished, use the following command to extract the archive.

tar xvf cherrytree-0.33.0.tar.xz

3. The use the cd command to change directory to cherrytree-0.33.0 like shown below.

cd cherrytree-0.33.0

4. Then go the directory Linux and follow the instructions of the manual-install.txt file.

5. Or you can do an automatic installation by running the following command.

python install

Debian based users can easily install CherryTree app in their system via the .deb package. Use the following commands to install CherryTree in Ubuntu.

sudo dpkg -i cherrytree_0.33.0-1_all.deb