How To Check Internet Speed From Terminal Using Speedtest-cli

Hello Guys,

I was surfing the web today and came across this and want to share with you all. We all at a point in time tried checking our internet speed. Even those on slower connections to do, sometimes looking for means to speed their connections up. is used mostly by everyone from the browser. But not all finds it easy especially very slow connection and sometimes flash problems. speedtest-cli is the Command line interface tool for testing internet bandwidth using


One thing a like is about speedtest-cli is the –share option. This provides URL to the snapshot of the test and can be compared to that of using a browser. First of all speedtest-cli works with Python 2.4 – 3.4

Installing speedtest-cli

There many options to choose from.

1. Install with pip.

First install pip if not installed.


$ sudo apt-get install python-pip


$ sudo yum install python-pip

Now install speedtest -cli

$ sudo pip install speedtest-cli

2. Install with easy_install

$ easy_install speedtest-cli

3. Manual Install

$ wget -O speedtest-cli
$ chmod +x speedtest-cli

Checkout the github page for more download and install options.

Testing Speed Using Speedtest-cli

Open Terminal

$ speedtest-cli

Running speedtest-cli will automatically locate the closest server to you, and display its distance from you, them present Download and Upload speeds.


To get a snapshot of the stats use the –share option. This will provide link to the image.

$ speedtest-cli --share




$ speedtest-cli --help

for more commands.