How To Change Plank Dock Position in Elementary OS “Luna”

Hi Guys,

Elementary OS “Luna” by default has its dock (Plank Dock) located at the bottom (As shown in Fig. 1 ). As Linux is always customizable you can tweak the positions of this of this Dock.


Fig. 1

In this tutorial am going to show just that.


This require nothing apart from a text editor (CLI/GUI) and standard user rights (No Root), here am going to use vi editor.

Open Terminal and rum the command below:

$ vi .config/plank/dock1/settings


Locate the line with code:



Now change the value of Position from 3 to any of the numbers below: (Press I to enter INSERT mode to input text)

0    –  Left

1    –   Right

2   –   Top

3   –   Bottom (default)

Save file and exit with command below (Press ESC to exit Insert mode)


Changes will be applied automatically. (If it fails reboot system), See images below:

0    –  Left

1    –   Right