Chakra-2013.05-Benz Released – Release Notes and Download Links

The Chakra team has announced the release of Chakra GNU/Linux 2013.05, an updated release of the project’s desktop Linux distribution for 64-bit computers.

This new release includes some existing new features:

1. Oktopi, a promising graphical interface for Pacman which has recently reached the stable repositories, is now installed by default.

2. kio-mtp, which brings support for mobile devices in Dolphin.

3. Konversation replaces Quassel as the default IRC client in Chakra.

4. Fcitx is now the default input method (for Asian languages).

5. Bundles are no longer available, they have been replaced by actual packages installed to a path of their own.


This edition contains the following updated versions of softwares:

Desktop Environment

KDE Software Compilation 4.10.3


Chromium 26.0.1410.63

Firefox 21.0

Opera 12.15

QupZilla 1.4.2

Rekonq 2.3.0


KMPlayer 0.11.3d

SMPlayer 0.8.5

Plasma Media Center 1.0.0

VLC 2.0.6

XBMC 12.2


Amarok 2.7.1

Musique 1.2.1

Qmmp 0.7.0

Tomahawk 0.7.0

Yarock 0.9.62


Blender 2.66a

KDevelop 4.5.0

Kdenlive 0.9.6

QtCreator 2.7.0

Rosegarden 13.04


Calligra 2.6.3

FocusWriter 1.4.2

LibreOffice 4.0.3


KMyMoney 4.6.3

Skrooge 1.7.1


digiKam 3.1.0

KDE Telepathy 0.6.1


Read the rest of the release announcement here.

Download Chakra ISO images here and download the torrent here.