Catch up with the Ubuntu 11.10 Cd’s Sale


After the release of Ubuntu 11.10 for download, it is now the Cd’s on sale. The release was much expected after the 6 long months of its making by the developers. The hype has been created by itself and so is the result. The Unity interface has been remodeled several new and improved features have been added in Ubuntu 11.10. It’s not like a revolutionary modification Ubuntu, but the noted drawbacks and updates to Ubuntu 11.04 has been made in this new version. Simple additions and updates have been made in several elements like the Unity interface, login screen and default applications. All the simple changes has made up to a better usable and friendly work space.

The developers have focused on improving the usability as there are more and simpler home users looking unto Ubuntu for home use as it is safe and simple. This has been a major uphold for Ubuntu since its first release as it was used mostly by the system administrators and expert users alone. Major of the changes have been made to the Unity where the Dash welcomes you with a launcher icon. The Dash matches well with the color of your desktop wallpaper and has been set to be so derived. You can now access all the Lenses from the Dash. The Lenses now load faster, produces better results and there are newer filter options now added to Ubuntu 11.10. All these have made it easier for you to retrieve your application easier from the Dash. The new Music Lens is an extra addition where the user can easily browse music on the device and can even purchase music via the Ubuntu One Music Store. The default music player is as usual Banshee.

14 new High definition wallpapers have been added to make your Ubuntu screen look welcoming. Talking about the looks, the new login screen looks chic and sexy. The ‘LightDM’ login screen is sleek and light and gives a professional look. The new Ubuntu 11.10 has a few pre-installed softwares like the Firefox 7 which has been set as the default web browser. LibreOffice Suite has been added as the office suit and is compatible with Microsoft Office. The change has been mad where Mozilla Thunderbird has been used as the e-mail application instead of Evolution. Managing photos has been made easier with Shotwell photo manager with easy upload facility to social network site. Must mention is the revamped edition of ‘Gwibber’ which has been made more usable. ‘Deja Dup’ backup tool has been provided for maintaining a backup. There are also six preinstalled games.

The cd’s are available only in the 32 –bit version whereas the online download can be done in the 64 bit version. Cd’s are a great gifting idea and a way to support the developers. To install, it is required to have 4 GB disk space and a system of at least 256 MB RAM. The pre orders are through for the Ubuntu 11.10 CD’s and the orders are scheduled to be shipped from 20th October 2011 onwards.