Why I can’t live without Linux

This is written targeting users who might want to try Linux. But also with some facts that Linux users should be aware and feel proud of.

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Why I can’t live without Linux?

Well I am biased and I have my own reasons. When I turn on my Linux machine after days/months, it just boots like a charm. You will be surprised to know that most OS doesn’t boot this way.

Consider few scenarios:

1. Your machine crashes more often.

2. It’s too damn slow.

3. Files/folders getting created/deleted without your intervention.

4. Machine shuts down for no reason.

What’s the catch? Your machine is infected by a virus. Now, it hardly happens in Linux. Hardly implies “never at all” here 🙂

So why/how?

Consider 100 people coding/reviewing something or even 1000s doing it. Still Linux is much bigger with the visibility that almost any developer in the world can see “what is being coded?” and point out if there is a flaw.

On 14 March 1994, Linux 1.0.0 was released, with 176,250 lines of code.
As of 2013, the Linux 3.10 release had 15,803,499 lines of code.

And another thing, is the way Linux has been designed. Unlike few other OS, In Linux, almost all complex tasks requires root permission. Say, in windows, you’re navigating to some random system folder and deleting something (so, why would you do that? Say, some virus did that. Well, it can. Also I have seen people who do it to get more memory ). Nothing happens, but at the time of next reboot.. (I am scared to say more). Whereas in Linux, it prompts for root password whenever you try to do something with the system. What if I am root and I messed up the system? This is worst case scenario, but still there are lot of people out there to guide you how to fix it.

How would you feel when some random guys in the street come running to help you, when you fell down? Love and support is priceless. You gotta feel it.

LinuxThe stability – There are Linux machines running eternally. A simple “uptime” command would let you know how long the machine has been running. You never need to turn it off at all. Pretty much hot swappable. Of course there are other OS machines that reports equally high uptime, but again, Linux machines are less prone to crashes, blue screen of death (:D) and as such, unless and until you mess it up.

As the old saying goes “Linux is user friendly, but not idiot friendly

There must be lot of things you might be doing to protect your machine from viruses/trojans. As a study says, the average time before a windows get affected after connecting to internet is 40 minutes, whereas Linux – Like a boss. That too, you don’t need to install anything apart from the base OS itself.

Enhanced security – Iptables, an awesome command line utility to setup firewall. Also, there are lot of other innovations like port knocking, chroot jail and as such.

SELinux – Say you gave full access permission to a file, still other won’t be able to access it, if SELinux is enforcing and set.

Other OS source codes are accessible to only people who work on that, whereas, Linux, everyone can access the source code, which means mistakes are less likely and even if somethings wrong, fixes are made in no time. Say that you have suffered a security attack, then the corresponding company of that OS might release a patch in a month’s time or week’s time, which means your system continues to be vulnerable for time being. But Linux, with countless people’s contribution & active participation, it’s far better, not better, just the best.

Also, say, if the OS company doesn’t fix the bug, then what? Well, you just got to live with that. Whereas in linux, there are lot of people of fix it, or if you’re a better programmer, maybe you shall fix it and thus contribute it to the open source community. The joy of giving!

Why would you buy an OS, when there is a lot better OS (Linux), which is a freeware and opensource. Note that the opportunity to learn is much when you decide to go with opensource. If you’re a good programmer, you shall take the source code, build it /design it & use it your way.

People all around the world put their time and brain in bringing you an OS, which would compete every other OS, that exists in market and that is Linux.

No crapware – Alright, the OS is open source. What about other utilities? Well, there are lot of open source utilities out there which can be used, whereas in case of other OS, where almost all software might ask you to subscribe for the service, upgrade/buy.  And the worst part is, after few days of using a software, you might come to know that it’s just a 30 days trial. And these softwares comes installed along with your OS. On the other hand, In Linux, you will never experience such frustrations.

Also, Linux comes with pre-installed applications and hence you’re good to get started just after installation.

In linux, most of the drivers comes along with the kernel, so you need not go search for a driver whenever you need to use some hardware component.

If you’re just a normal desktop user, with nothing much to do with the CLI – well, Linux comes with various desktops like Gnome, KDE and yep, you can call it “next generation of desktops

Have you ever experienced your OS getting sluggish as days passes, and re-install resolves the problem. Well, try Linux and you will be surprised. It runs fast and responsive for years since day one and hence allow you to concentrate on work, rather on handling OS frustrations.

No backdoors – When you don’t have any idea about source code of an OS, how can you be sure that there are no backdoors. What if the manufacturer company did integrated a backdoor, which would kill your privacy by sharing your data whenever you connect to internet? In Linux, everything is open. And hence no backdoors can be introduced into the OS.

Here comes another interesting fact: Almost every one using windows might have got frustrated for the fact that you need to reboot your machine, whenever you update some software, or the OS itself. Linux doesn’t demand such reboots. Linux is stable and runs perfectly for years without rebooting.

Let the old boxes taste life again – Linux runs perfectly well on even old hardware, unlike other OS which demands you a new hardware, just for the sake of using it.

To compile it all..

why to use illegally, when you’re getting something for free

– Give life to old boxes

– Get started in no time

– update in a go

– No crapware

– No backdoors

– No virus

– Stability

– Compatibility

– Enhanced security

– Fast and responsive

– Linux doesn’t need defragmentation

– Well, choosing linux did have an influence on the environment.  (Google it)

– Free and unlimited support -forums, mailing lists, IRC channels

– Workspaces feature – Next generation of desktops

– No big mess

– Report bugs and get it fixed

– You don’t have to feel alone.

– Contribute something back and feel contended. The joy of giving.

– Other OS are being owned by a company. Microsoft owns windows, Apple owns Mac-OS.

– And Linux? Well, we own it.

Above all, the sense of freedom that you taste – priceless. You gotta experience it, rather just reading.

For me, Linuxing is meditating. How about, for you? 🙂

Well, if you agree with me, cheers! Time to pour linux into your hardware and enjoy the drink.

Well, if you don’t agree with me, cheers, again. For that, to prove me wrong, you need to try it anyway.

Google “Linuxing urban dictionary” and have a laugh 😀

Thanks for reading. Cheers !