Canonical Works with Cisco!


The Ubuntu distribution is known to everybody nowadays, right? The company behind its development is Canonical, something also known to a lot of people, right? Well, I bet you didn’t know that Cisco, the worldwide known giant of networks and communications will be working alongside Canonical. Ubuntu Openstack is the leading openstack operating system in the marketplace, currently with over 80% deployments of the openstack servers.

A lot of people are setting up their data centers with openstack based automation, but the virtual switches are lacking connections with the physical switches. A lot of the Canonical clients are looking for easier deployment of their openstack data centers so the company has decided to help it along. With Ubuntu’s virtual environment combined with Cisco’s switching they made it easier for companies deploying openstack or doing proofs of concept with openstack. They think this will generate enough interest to corner the market. The next few months will show whether they’ll be successful or not.

The partnership with Cisco is still in its early stages, but clients can already go to either company and get the Ubuntu operating system with the Cisco hardware. More work from the two companies is still to come as the partnership continues on leveraging Cisco’s switching technology within an openstack deployed cloud. This partnership has already produced fruit but Canonical’s representative says there are more exciting stuff coming in the pipeline.