Canonical Publishes Instructions For Making Unicorn Origami

Canonical was present at dConstruct, a gathering where creative people every year discuss different topics regarding digital innovations and culture. They sponsored the conference this year and also presented instructions on how to build a unicorn origami which is the codename for the upcoming release of Ubuntu 14.10.

According to the official post on their design blog the attendees showed a great interest on the changellenge presented by Canonical, creating original and beautiful unicorns. And the good thing is that the maker of the best unicorn origami was given a new BQ phone for his/her amazing work. “It was amazing to see how many people managed to complete the instructions”, says┬áCanonical’s Giorgio Venturi in his article.

There are 34 steps in total to be passed in order to make the unicorn origami, so if you are interested feel free to grab your pdf copy from the official source. Trust me, it will be fun but it looks not an easy thing to do.

This gathering was also a great opportunity for Canonical to get fresh impressions of the user experience on the phone and across a variety of apps.

The conference took place in the lovely seaside town of Brighton which is located in Britain.