Canonical launches Ubuntu App Showdown

Canonical has been recently engaged in attracting third party application developers to their Ubuntu Platform. Last year, Canonical launched a special developer program that was aimed at facilitating developers  to distribute stand-alone applications through the Ubuntu Software Centre. Now, once again, Canonical in its attempt to attract developers, is hosting a contest called the Ubuntu App Showdown

Canonical, through this contest, is geared to publicise its set of tools and frameworks that can be utilised  by Ubuntu users for rapid application development. The company has also produced a series of video tutorials in order to introduce new developers with the Gtk+ widget toolkit, Glade user interface designer and the Python programming language.

The contest has started on June 18th and will extend till 9th July. Participants have 3 weeks to build and submit a working Ubuntu application from scratch. The apps submitted in the contest will be judged by a panel for Appearance, Stability, Platform Integration, Innovation and Scratching an Itch. The best apps will win some awesome prizes from System76 and Qt including a System76 Gazelle Professional laptop and Nokia N9 phone for the gold prize, a System76 Lemur Ultra laptop and Nokia N9 phone for the silver prize and a Nokia N9 phone for the bronze prize. After the contest the community will vote on all of the apps in the Ubuntu Software Centre and the top 3 most voted app will receive Nokia N9 phones each.

Ubuntu contest

Further details of the contest can be found here.