Canonical abandons ShipIt program! NO MORE FREE CDs

Canonical has announced, “with some regret” that it is terminating the ShipIt program and for Ubuntu 11.04, users will no longer be able

to apply for a free CD claiming “Technology moves on and as we look at ways to spread Ubuntu further, a CD distribution programme, especially one of that size and delivered in that way, makes less sense.” Another reason they provided for this termination is excessive administrative load the team is facing owing to ShipIt program. 

Canonical also claims that for last two years, it had been “slowly easing back” the program by putting a limit to free CDs delivered per person and number of times a person is eligible to apply for a CD. However, now, Canonical has completely put an end tothis program. 

ShipIt program, launched back in 2005 was aimed at making mass-Ubuntu-adoption possible that was primarily hindered by progressing broadband technology; “that was a marketing promise even in the most connected parts of the most developed nations” then. Since then, Canonical through its ShipIt program has made millions of free CDs that were delivered to any part of the world free of cost!

The free CDs will be only avail be to the Ubuntu Local communities (LoCos) via ShipIt lite program. Canonical has also appealed the LoCos to innovate ways so that they can provide Cds to individuals who need them. However, this will not be applicable to all LoCos. Jono Bacon, Cononical community manager, points out that only LoCo teams who “have demonstrated significant ..contributions, will be eligible. “We will also continue to make the packs available through the store which are sold more or less at cost price (plus shipping)” states Gerry Carr promising that they will still continue to support Ubuntu.


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