Bluefish for Web Developers


Are you a Gnu/Linux user who develope web ? Are you looking for a application to edit HTML/JS/PHP/CSS files easily ? if yes, Bluefish is amazing lightweight open source and fast web editor that you can have it on your Gnu/Linux and it has lot of good features.

Some of Bluefish advantages :


1-You don’t need to complete words anymore because Blufish will give you some choices and in a second you can have something like <title></title>

Screenshot 2015-12-22 18:15:39

2-It can be fullscreen

3-It has color guide

4-If your computer sunddenly power off Bluefish will save changes and you wont lose them.

5-It has many tools such as tabs to spaces, join lines, lines to columns, strip whitespace, etc.

6-There is box which you can open your files in diffrent directories with that easily :

Screenshot 2015-12-22 18:17:03

See here for more informations.

installation :


For installing this application on Debian base distrobutions :

sudo apt install bluefish

For installing this application on Arch base distrobutions :

sudo pacman -S bluefish

For installing this application on Redhat and Fedora distrobutions :

sudo dnf install bluefish

For installing this application on Open Suse base distrobutions :

sudo zypper install bluefish


I wish you enjoyed !



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