Big Talks About iOS 5


With the release of iOS 5 released on Wednesay, October 12th, Apple has made another leap making things easier for its users. With the release of iPhone 4 S round the corner, this new operating system has made news at the stands. iOS 5 was initially released in June at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This has taken the Apple iOS devices beyond the boundary and has cleared the border line between computer running iTunes software and the iOS device. The iOS devices are the trend of the time with iPad Sale having rocketed since its release and above the Apple Mac sales.

The company has progressively eliminated all its drawbacks when compared to Android devices. The major attraction has been the Apple’s iCloud service which has enabled wireless syncing and updating. The company has come with an astonishing 200 new features added to its new OS release. One of the major advantages of the Andriod devices over Apple as been the wireless syncing facility and that has been cleared with iOS5.  Several iOS devices can be linked to a single iCloud account and can be synchronized. This makes it easier as you can make your iOS independent of your computer.

The irritating pop notifications can now be parted with the new iOS5. The new notification centre has combined all the notifications into a single drop down bar at the top of the iOS device. All notifications like missed call, messages, application updates and even the weather info have been added into the notifications bar and the priority can be set by the user. The compatibility with social network services has also been improved with the ability to post photos right from the image gallery. Twitter service can also be accessed directly from Youtube, safari and maps. Twitter has been well integrated into iOS 5.

Tabbed browsing with Safari is another notable addition that has made browsing easier for iOS users. Safari now even has a Reader option where articles in multiple pages can be viewed in a simple way leaving out the ads and displays the photos. This is very useful in reading those websites which have a strange format and could only be viewed well on a computer. You can now view any kind of websites even those which have to been optimized for the mobile devices.  In the iOS 4, you could send only the links to an e-mail address, while with iOS5, the whole text from a Safari page can be emailed easily.

Several new features have been added to the Camera under popular request. The camera and music can be easily accessed from the home button. The camera has grid lines for focus and can be pinched to zoom and even the exposure can be changed. The photos can be cropped, rotated, color corrected and red-eye removal done directly from the gallery. Rick text formatting has been added into the iOS Mail application. ‘Reminders’ is a new handy additional Application in the iOS 5 and lets you save the to-do lists with dates and even GPS locations. In a whole, te iOS 5 is indeed a must update for all iOS devices and must be explored for its 200 new additions.