Best design tools you can use on Linux

design tools

The world of technology is teeming with tools to help you create the most stunning designs for any project. And for Linux users, the good news is that you have some of the best design tools at your fingertips. From powerful vector graphics editors to versatile desktop publishing programs, this guide explores the best design tools available in the Linux ecosystem that will give your projects a professional edge.

Why use design tools on Linux? 

Design tools on Linux can enable users to create highly polished visuals, prototypes, and designs quickly and easily. They provide access to an extensive range of features, allowing users to customize their experience to fit the needs of their project. One of the advantages of using design tools on Linux is the cost savings compared to more expensive software packages and services. Linux is open source, meaning that the underlying code is available and customizable by anyone. 


Furthermore, many design tools available for Linux are free or low-cost, meaning that users don’t have to pay for the software licensing and support provided by more expensive options. Linux also offers various design tools compatible with different instruments, platforms, and technologies. Designers can easily switch between multiple programs and create consistent visuals across platforms without purchasing additional programs or plugins.


Vista Create 

Vista Create is a suite of design tools built specifically for Linux. It includes a vector graphics editor, a bitmap graphics editor, an animation package, a composition package, and a texture editor. It is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to quickly get up-to-speed with creating digital artwork. 


VistaCreate is an excellent choice for Linux users because it works on this platform smoothly. It has all the features and functions of other design tools but is optimized for this operating system. Moreover, it has several useful features not available on other apps, such as support for vector graphics and a powerful texture editor. 

Reasons for opting for Vista Create as the core design tool on Linux


  1. It is open source and freely available. Vista Create is a user-friendly app that can create stunning visuals on Linux. 
  2. It is highly customizable and loaded with layer support, a color picker, vector tools, interactive shapes, and more. 
  3. It integrates seamlessly with other devices and applications such as GIMP, Inkscape, and more. 
  4. It is lightweight and fast, allowing users to work quickly and efficiently. 
  5. It supports multiple formats, including PNG, JPG, SVG, and more, making it easy to share your creations with others. 
  6. It has a user-friendly interface, which tips the scales in favor of this option. 
  7. It does not require any specific operating system or hardware, as it is available for both Linux and Windows platforms.


Inkscape is another graphics program. It has an intuitive user interface and features a wide range of powerful tools for creating artwork, including a path tool, gradient tool, and pattern tool. Inkscape is compatible with many other design tools, so you can share your artwork between programs. 


Its path and gradient tools make creating complex shapes elementary. It also includes advanced features, such as tracing bitmap images. This way, you can create detailed artwork from any image. 


Krita is an effective digital painting and illustration program for Linux. The app comprises multiple painting and drawing options, including brush, pencil, and eraser tools. It also has an advanced layer system and support for various color modes. 


Krita is your go-to if you are into digital painting and illustrations. It has a simple interface, so you’ll manage to learn the ropes of the app fairly quickly.


GIMP features a wide range of tools for manipulating photos, such as selection, cropping, color correction, and more. You will also find a handful of advanced features, such as support for layers, masks, and plugins. 


GIMP is an excellent supplementary choice for crafting artwork. Its selection and cropping tools let you accurately adjust the size and shape of an image. The app will also enable you to combine multiple elements into a single image. 


Kdenlive may not be the most downloaded design tool among Linux users. Still, it is very competitive and offers plenty of features, such as support for multiple videos and audio tracks, color correction tools, and transitions. Like the previous tool, Kdenlive provides more complex options for advanced users, including a keyframe system. While its interface may seem a bit complicated, Kdenlive is a good app to have at hand.


Blender is one of the best tools for Linux users on the web, primarily because of its 3D modeling emphasis. The app includes tremendous tools for creating 3D models, such as modeling tools, sculpting tools, painting tools, and more. Furthermore, it has several advanced features, like shader support and real-time rendering. 



The right design tools can help you bring your ideas to life more efficiently, especially those with access to Linux. Provided apps have numerous powerful, feature-rich options available. 


From Vista Create and GIMP to Krita and Blender, there is a Linux design tool to suit all needs. Now all that’s left for you is to pick the one that best meets your requirements and get creative!