Best Browsers for Android

Users of Android devices are increasing at record rates. There are Android phones and tablets and everyone who has an Android device uses the internet (there is not much use of a smart phone if you don’t use internet!) To access various website, people need a strong browser, and if you are anything like me, you wouldn’t be satisfied with the inbuilt browser that comes with Android. So for techno geeks like you and me, there are various browsers in the Android

market. But all of them aren’t good. This is why I have made a list of some of the best Android browsers. Ok so here goes:

1- Firefox

Android Firefox is the first real mobile browser by Mozilla. If you have worked with Firefox on your computer, you would find it very easy on your Android as it has many same features. Plus, you can sync your tabs and bookmarks with the Firefox on your computer. Like other browsers, it works on multiple tabs (tabs open to the left). You can bookmark pages and change the settings. It works just like its desktop version, and offers many add-ons. There are many extensions that can be used on Android. Among all the browsers I have used on my Android tablet, I’ve found Firefox to be the best.

2- Opera Mini

Opera is a great browser for all platforms. I’ve used Opera on Android, Blackberry, and Symbian, and I’m totally happy with it. For some reason, I don’t like the inbuilt browsers that come with the device. Opera mini forms the perfect browsing mate for people like me. It has a crisp interface, and is very useful to Android users. And the one thing that Opera excels at is speed. This browser loads data rapidly and thus is best suited for slow internet phone devices. The reason why it’s so fast is that it uses data compression.

3- Boat browser

Many people haven’t heard its name, but I’ve found it to be much better than the famous Dolphin browser. For one, dolphin kept crashing every now and then. It is a very strong browser, and claim to fame is that it accepts voice commands. It is easy to switch between tabs and manage bookmarks. It has all the features to make a good browser. I love it for its simplicity and speed. If you have tried others and are still looking, try Boat.

4- Skyfire

It claims to be the most social and smartest browser. Though I won’t call it exactly the best browser, it does live up to its reputation of being social. It has a customizable toolbar that has buttons to access Twitter and Facebook. You can access these networks without leaving the current open page on the browser. Also, it has a fireplace- a filter that shows only those feeds that have links to external pages. Another thing that you might like is the’ Popular’ button on the Skybar that shows the feeds that are most popular among users. Apart from that, there is tabbed browsing and bookmarking. Also, it can play Flash videos.