Best and Latest apps for 2012: Bet you don’t Have them

best android apps

Android has become one of the greatest additions in the technology driven era. The demand for Android phones is on an all time high. And the major reason for its popularity is the number of apps it offers.

You can choose from a number of apps available today. Some of the best and latest apps are listed below.

Cine Trailer is a must have app for the movie savvy crowd. This app allows one to watch trailers and read reviews. Make sure you use this app before you go to watch a movie, as it will let you know if it is good or bad. Watch the trailer and read the reviews, and then make your decision.

Flashlight is another very interesting app. In case you are stuck in a pitch dark room and need a torch, all you have to do is to switch on this app. And it runs on all Android devices. When you run this app, it switches on the cameras flash light thus illuminating the entire room.

StumbleUpon is only meant to kill time in a fun way. Just press the stumble button, and it opens up a variety of fun filled things to do. It ranges from fun lists and photographs to recipes.

Many people feel socializing is very difficult and they don’t know where to hang out with their friends. The Foursquare app has made things a lot simpler. This app shows the places which had been visited by their friends. It also allows you to read the reviews of a particular coffee shop or restaurant written by other customers.

Foodspotting, as the name suggests, is an app which finds the locations of the nearest possible restaurants based on a particular dish. Suppose you crave for tarts on a particular day but do not know where to find them. Go through the photos posted by the other food lovers and select the most scrumptious food. The app would then give the name of the restaurant where the dish is being served.

If you are in the mood of some music but are clueless about the songs you would like to listen to, then the app Janga Radio is apt to solve this problem. You just have to type the name of the artist whose songs you would like to listen, and the app lists not only the songs by that artist, but also songs by different artist of the same genre.

Weather Underground is an app which gives information about the weather conditions not only in a particular city, but also about a place within that city. It gives day-to-day as well as weekly forecast about the weather conditions. Thus if you plan to visit a particular place then the weather conditions should not be an obstacle in your travel plans.

These are just some of the essential applications needed in your smartphone. But I can understand if they are unable to satisfy your app hunger, don’t worry, there will be cooler and better apps very soon in the market.