Be there at the Ubuntu App Developer Week, this September 5-9th

The latest edition of Ubuntu App Developer Week is to be held from 5th September to 9th September 2011. Says David Planella, the Ubuntu Translations Coordinator (UTC) in the Community Team, the goal of The Week is to make Ubuntu the best app development platform for all developers. The idea is to make Ubuntu a tenacious platform that developers, of any skill set, will find it easy to use. Along with making App development easy, distribution of these Applications too is more effective, with the Ubuntu-software-centre allowing millions of users access to several types of apps.


The all software app centre

Ubuntu Software Centre at the core of Ubuntu applications platform and has helped in the creation and steady growth in the number of applications being developed. The vision is for these numbers to swell and grow to the extent that Ubuntu becomes the first choice for App Development across all technologies.

Ubuntu and the developer community are optimistic about this goal because of a person called Jono Lange. Last June, he has moved from Launchpad, another mass-scale ubuntu platform, to Developer Program Specialist. This has everyone’s fingers crossed with the hope that he will carry his golden touch to Ubuntu App world as well and encourages easy adaption of this ecosystem.

Digital Delivery best with Ubuntu

The second huge winner that Canonical wants to offer its developers is the MyApps Portal. One of early users of Ubuntu Software Center, the makers of BEEP believe that their introducing it through USC was what has made the difference how their app is being used and accessed. Apparently, the strong digital delivery system that Ubuntu Software Centre has is unparalleled even in proprietary software such as Microsoft, where users as well as developers loose for lack of proper, secure software delivery channel.

An App road-map and developer tool set provided for every developer

The third pro-app-developer feature that Ubuntu is staking many hopes on is the This will become a dashboard and road-map for all developers. On one end it will have all the resources for right decision, first-hand-access to information consistently for creating an app. It will provide the complete guidelines on not only how to create but right up until how to publish applications. The ultimate goal, of developer. is to become a great community for application developers in Ubuntu.

What is in it for Developers?

Developers across platforms need to take a look at this session as the advantage is that you can put any type of software on the Ubuntu Software Centre. Since, it is aimed at becoming a platform-independent Centre, the latest session of Ubuntu Developers Week looks forward to offering all its developers a good look at its stupendous tool sets and their varieties. Secondly, it will also take the time to discuss previously developed applications and explain the process of building them.

If you are interested in Joining up for The App Developer Week you can connect using any IRC client.

Otherwise go here-

#ubuntu-classroom for the main session and

#ubuntu-classroom-chat for the chatroom

USC-based App world is all geared to seize the 200 million users Ubuntu wants to reach now and with the best names participating, here is an opportunity every true-blue-developer should explore in the first week of September.

Join The Week and make some Great Apps!

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