Automated Linux Apache MySQL PHP or Nginx PHP-FPM MYSQL installation and configuration

This is auto-installer for automatically install and configure apache or nginx with MySQL and PHP. On install time Apache or nGinx script will ask about virtual host domain name. On install time for MySQL database script will ask questions about MySQL root pass, new database name, new username and password for the new user.

Main script is


  1. CentOS 6.7 or higher(or any yum based Linux).
  2. Python2.7 must be installed to your Linux server.
  3. Download all files to the Linux server and execute script.

For test virtual domain name just add your server IP and virtual name to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file for Windows or /etc/hosts file for Linux as follows:

Script using steps will be as follows:


Just download all files from this link to your Linux folder and execute script. For clean everything you must use ./ script.