Another web hosting solution on ubuntu

As an additional open source free web hosting solution which would suit your favorite linux distribution in this case it would be ubuntu a powerful solution to start getting in the hosting business it’s called EHCP panel let’s get into business…


First we would need to download the latest version


Then sit and relax for a bit


Now let’s extract the downloaded tarball

tar -zxvf download


and then we need to go to the directory that has just been created which is ehcp

cd ehcp

Then we need to start installing it



You’ll be required to press enter several times so don’t get away 🙂

After that you’ll be only required to setup the MySQL and PhpMyAdmin and the apache


As it’s prompted we need to setup the MySQL root password then continue


Walk through the wizard with whatever that suits your needs

The last few steps you need to choose the highlighted option



Few more enters and you done with

Now you started in the web hosting business u can login