Android Intercom: An Excellent Intercom App For Bikers Or Hiking Fans


For those of you who own a bike and take long trips this can be a godsend! A new application available on Google Play that allows you to talk with your passenger. Usually the equipment required to do that, was a headset whose cost made it unattainable for most. Now with this application all you have to do is set it up. It doesn’t require Internet access, just Bluetooth. Or you can make one device into a hotspot and then connect with wifi.

No charges, or cell data consumption, just free communication between 2 Android devices. Good range (100m) means you can talk to other bikes and coordinate your trips. You can also use it on skiing trips or other noisy environments. No need for accounts or registration, minimal configuration. It has two settings:

– PTT (push to talk) with which it works like a walkie-talkie or
– Voice detection with which it ignores the ambient noise and only picks up our voice.

Download it from Play Store and have fun.