Android, The Best Linux Mobile OS For 2013

Dear unixmen reader,

In this article I will share you the best Linux Mobile OS list of 2013. I got the data from Linux journal, so please do not argue about it, if the results are correct or not.

And of course, on top of the survey results remains Android with more than 40 percent of the votes. We all know the attention and market share this Linux mobile OS is getting these days.

In the second place is the Sailfish OS, an operating system that powers the Jolla smart phone. I am very surprised to see the mobile operating system launched by Mozilla, Firefox OS,  growing so fast.

It got 6.3 percent of the votes. I think that a very important factor on this fast growing of Firefox OS is the cheap price of the phones that come with this OS.

I took the time and created a pie chart for you guys, so take a look at it and share you thought in the comment section.