Android Apps to Motivate You

Have you started the day on the wrong note, or are you nervous because of a big exam coming up? There are many times when we look for someone to motivate us, or to give a little push in the forward direction. Now you have many apps to motivate you when you need some spirit boost.

Goal Tracker

Now begin your day by setting long term or short term goals. It could be about saving money for a new car, or finishing a novel you started reading. And if you want to delay stuff, it will send reminders.

Workout Trainer

We all want to be fit and fine, but we don’t know how and when to start. If you are too lazy to visit the gym, download this sweet little app and start working out at your home. This app features expert coaches to help you begin with the right exercises at right time intervals to have the best effects. If you are a couch potato, this is the right app for you. But if you want advanced exercising, you would have to use the pro version.

Drinking Water with Carbodroid

Drinking water may seem like an unimportant task, but if you don’t get a healthy dose of water in your body, there can be many problems. Besides, water helps you lose weight and have a healthy mind. This app will make you smile because it is just too cute. And if you take the proper intake of water, the water droid smiles. I don’t want the water droid to be unhappy… it takes care of me and prompts me to drink a glass of water every now and then, because sometimes I’m just too busy to remember that.

Get Inspired

If you got up on the wrong side of the bed today, this app can make you smile by giving you some gems of wisdom from famous people. And it also let you share those gems with people you know, which is an extra perk.

Motivation to your mobile

Do you keep making goals, but fail every time? This app will nudge you whenever you feel slack. You need positivity, and this is what makes this app so great. It includes sayings from motivator Derrick Hayes. Stay inspired and achieve your goals.

Idea Generator

If you work in a company, you must have faced brainstorming sessions. Sometimes it so happens that while other people are giving ideas, you have absolutely nothing to say. It’s really embarrassing, but with this app, things can get easy. It combines words under different categories randomly… and one of them can switch that light bulb on. All the best on the next brainstorming session.

Spin Palace Mobile App

Are you a game fan? Did you love the original Tomb Raider game? Or are you just looking for something to do whilst you’re stuck in the office, or travelling to and from work. Good news, Spin Palace have now launched a new mobile gaming app, which allows you to play all of their favourite games, whilst on the move, anytime of the day, anywhere that has mobile internet coverage. The games include the original Tomb Raider, Royal Derby virtual horse racing, Dragons fortune, Thunderstruck, Avalon, Megah Moolah plus many more.