Android 3.0, the version for Android Tablets, to debut!


Since Google posted an introduction video of Android 3.0 to its developers channel on YouTube there has been much of anticipation about this new version. The excitement continued when Google officially introduced Android 3.0 the Honeycomb on its official blog. The release date of Honeycomb expected early this year the moment Iconia Tab, Motorola’s Xoom or G-Slate are launched officially! 

Android 3.0, also called the Honeycomb is Androids version optimized for large-screen devices particularly Tablets. According to the official Google blog, Honeycomb has “a brand new, truly virtual and holographic user interface” and a home screen that is fully customizable with a flashy 3D experience aided with completely redesigned widgets that are richer and more interactive. Honeycomb also includes Google Maps 5 that can be reliably used in offline mode on mobile devices. Goggle claims for other enhancements like elegant notifications and more refined multi-tasking. By far the web-browser received greater refinements. The browser is enabled with multi-tabbed browsing, auto-fill form, private browsing, and integrated Chrome bookmark syncing. 

Who will run Android 3.0!?

Korean firm asserts that honeycomb will require at least dual –core processors .Motorola has already demonstrated its device Motorola Xoom tablet running on Honeycomb that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this January. Motorola device features a dual-core processor 10.1-inch screen, front- and rear-facing cameras and HD video recording. LG will also launch G-Slate with the support of T-Mobile. On the other hand, Acer has also announced 7- and 10-inch Android tablets, rumored to be released this April. 
It is fancied that Android 3.0 is for high-end devices, and will run on phones that satisfy the criteria of 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 3.5-inch or larger displays. Till yet, it is supposed that Samsung Galaxy S2 will run on honeycomb. PSP Phones are also believed to be released with Android 3.0.

Android 3.0 has specially stirred excitement in the market and community of developers. If all goes smooth in favor of Google, Google will easily manage to take away Apple Ipad2’s potential customers!

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