All Platform, All Device Terminal for System Administrators

There’s a general perception that Server System Administrators are short, overweight lonely men with overgrown beards who work in dark dungeon like basements, maintaining the worlds servers and keeping the internet running. Where this perception comes from, I’m not quite sure. Hollywood perhaps! Truth is, they’re just regular people like you and me. They may work in very different environments to most of us, but it’s all about to change. And this is thanks to a company called Cybele Software Incorporated.

z/Scope Anywhere is a software service for System Administrators, but with a completely revolutionary new concept. z/Scope Anywhere v7.0, currently in beta, allows for safe and secure access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400 and other Unix server systems. The unique feature of the software lies with its ability to give the user control of such systems from a complete range of systems including iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. And you can also access the server with Mac OS, Linux and Windows systems. And there’s complete support for all types of web browsers, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. In fact, Cybele Software Incorporated has just about every device, operating system and web browser covered when it comes to accessibility. The only real requirement is the web browser being used for access must be HTML5 compliant and have JavaScript enabled. But the most recent of all browsers should be ready out-of-the-box. There’s a good list of detailed requirements on the z/Scope page on the website.

We no longer live in an era of solely servers, desktop and the occasional laptop. There’s a lot more devices available at our disposal including netbooks, tablets and smart phones, all capable of acceptable internet access from almost anywhere. z/Scope has made the job of server System Administrators a lot more convenient. It can still be an intense and demanding job with many serious responsibilities, but if accessibility the worlds critical servers are within reach of the safe hands of our System Administrators wherever they are, then that has to be a good thing.