How To Add An Up Button To Elementary OS Window

The windows manager in Elementary OS is called Pantheon-files. By default, it does include an Up button as seen in some other Linux distributions.

Below is the default view of Pantheon-files in Elementary OS:


To add an Up button you need to have the dconf-tools package, if you’re not sure just run the command below to verify or install:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Launch dconf Editor via Applications menu


Navigate to:

org > pantheon > files > preferences

Locate toolbar-items in the right pane:

It’s default value is:

['Back', 'Forward', 'ViewSwitcher', 'LocationEntry']

Change it to:

['Back', 'Forward', 'Up', 'ViewSwitcher', 'LocationEntry']

Open a new Window and see changes effected.