8 Ways to Make Gold in Lost Ark

lost ark

One of the most annoying things about Lost Ark is that players are likely swimming in silver by the time they’ve reached tier one of the endgame content – but don’t have much gold.

While some MMORPGs approach currencies differently and award players currencies in a sensible progression, Lost Ask doesn’t treat players this way.

The silver in the game can only be used to buy items like healing potions. The only way to get your hands on things like high-tier gear honing and the Knowledge Transfer mechanic is by spending the required gold.

What’s worse, players cannot trade silver for gold. While the currency does get sparser as you progress through the game, here are eight ways to make gold in Lost Ark (stick with us for a bonus method!).

#1 Sell Gear Honing Materials

One of the best currency farming tactics that you can use in any MMORPG game is to sell things other players don’t have the patience to grind for. 

You need to remember that item level is everything for players in the game. For this reason, Gear Honing materials are always in high demand. 

You can use Harmony Shards, Guardian Stones, and many other things in the game to farm Gear Honing materials.

It’s best to try and join a guild and complete the quests that Sylmael Bloodstones gives you. Those will reward you with Gear Honing materials that you can sell for gold.

You could also find the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel outside major cities and exchange them for materials. 

#2 Improve Your Trade Skills

There’s no shortage of things to do in Lost Ark, and chances are, you’ve not even touched the Trade Skill mechanic of the game.

Trade Skill materials always go for a lot of gold at the Auction House. Furthermore, you can also use those materials to level up your Stronghold. If you get your Stronghold to a certain level, you will unlock craftable Archeological Site Maps, which reward Gear Honing materials that sell for gold.

#3 Grind for Adventurer’s Tome Collectibles

A lot of players would rather buy these items than grind for them. Opening up your Adventurer’s Tome to any continent that you’ve traveled to will show you several items under the collectibles column.

You will need to collect this absurdly large number of items by slaying mobs. The low drop rate makes the selling price of these items very high.

#4 Finish the Chaos Gates

The Chaos Gates activities can only be completed once daily and are available towards the endgame. You can find these on the calendar, on Procyon’s Compass, or on the event alerts tab.

When you find out when the next Chaos Gate close to your item level is opening, travel to the area and wait for the gate to appear. These gates drop Rift Pieces that you can exchange for Gear Honing materials and secret dungeon maps.

#5 Finish Abyssal Dungeons

You can access these dungeons once a week per character. Completing a run will reward you with gold, but there is a weekly limit to how much gold you can earn. 

After you complete the Abyssal Dungeons with a sixth alternate character, you will no longer be able to earn gold from the dungeons that week.

#6 Increase Your Rapport with NPCs

Completing daily actions with some NPCs awards you Rapport, and enough Rapport will earn you gold. The following NPCs offer gold Rapport rewards:

  • Thirain
  • Neria
  • Ealyn
  • Avele
  • Sasha

#7 Finish the Chaos Dungeons

These dungeons do not guarantee a gold reward. However, if a red or gold portal opens up after you complete the second level, go into it. The secret room will have a passive or tough boss that will reward gold when you beat it.

#8 Finish Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks unlock when you complete the North Vern questline. While this is the most reliable way of earning gold in the game, it is sadly also the most grind-y.

Bonus #9: Purchase Gold Online

You can buy Lost Ark Gold from many of the reliable websites online.