8 Best Transcription Software for Linux

transciption software for linux

Make It Clear: Top 8 Best Transcription Software for Linux

Transcription software sometimes may be irreplaceable when the story comes to finding out exactly what has been said in the recordings, clarifying not very clear points, and making short summaries of the recordings used. These matters may be required for different business, employment, personal, and other purposes. Transcription is helpful. Making that for Windows or macOS is some kind of standard thing. The other case is to find software that is compatible with the Linux OS as it has specifics that make it totally different from other OS. If you are looking for the best available options for Linux OS, look through this list.

Top 8 Suggestions of Apps to Make Your Transcriptions

Having good suggestions at hand is always a good point. Below you can find credible samples of voice-to-text software that is compatible with Linux. Are you interested in the criteria applied to preselect these samples and suggest you those? The most important points to pay attention to while arranging independent searches will precede the list of suggestions. These criteria were used to identify options available specifically for Linux that are worth testing and using for your audio transcription purposes.

  • The software has to be absolutely compatible with Linux OS. It should enable quick and effective operation of this OS without any interruptions or similar adverse effects.
  • Accuracy of content transcribed. Professional software enables transcribing audio to text ensuring the level of accuracy from 80%. The software has to provide results that make it possible to clarify the original content that appeared in the recordings. It should be noted that dealing with complicated things, like very unclear pronunciation, professional jargon, accents, and similar things is not always possible. For tough cases, the involvement of professional human transcribers may be strongly required. Only they can ensure a 99% level of accuracy for complicated cases. Otherwise, it will be necessary to pay a double portion of attention to content transcribed clarifying all problematic matters manually.
  • Turnaround time. This is a general time for processing recordings. It is usually enough to spend a couple of minutes only to make content transcribed.
  • Overpaying at this point is not a good idea. There are many samples of software that offer free transcription services. Some of the services charge moderate amounts for automated transcription services. Avoid using too expensive options. They don’t guarantee you the final immaculate quality, especially if the story comes to tough recordings with accents, professional terms, and similar things. That is the reason not to overpay for automated services.
  • Passing different types of data may be a case while using automated transcription software, including those recordings that contain personal, financial, and maybe any sensitive or protected by law data. It is important to ensure that the software used doesn’t pass any data obtained for making transcriptions elsewhere. Yes, the software or service you choose should be secured also.

These 4 most important criteria are crucial when choosing any transcription software or services for making your content transcribed. List of available suggestions for Linux you can find below. Save these options to have at hand when you will need transcription tools for Linux OS.

1. Transcriberry

This is one of the best voice-to-text software we recommend you assess in the first turn while making your choice. Why is this so? It uses advanced AI to ensure the high quality of content transcribed. This enables getting quality outcomes with a level of accuracy that exceeds 85% for automated transcription. For quality and clear recordings, this rate may be even higher. Apart from online automated transcription services, this company may also offer professional human-based transcription services where the level of correctness reaches 99%. The time for making transcriptions varies depending on the type of service. Automated software may take approximately a couple of minutes to process recordings. Human-based transaction services may take around 12 hours or 1 day to process materials and render outcomes. The quality is decent here.

Why this Transcriberry software is good:

  • operates fast
  • advanced technologies are used for ensuring a high level of performance;
  • provides accurate results
  • has user-friendly interface
  • charges moderate rates ($0.1 per 1 minute only)
  • secure website and payment options

This is the first point recommended for making content transcribed in a quality manner.

2. Transcriber

This is a useful Linux transcription program that is convenient to use. It supports the most common audio formats. Its design also looks very good and it is similar to the transcription of broadcast news. The tone of broadcasters is easy to detect while listening to recordings. What technologies are used for making this software workable? The list is actually impressive:

  • Tcl/Tk scripting language
  • C extensions
  • Snack sound extension
  • tcLex lexer generator

This application is free for download. But, users must adhere to the provisions of its GNU General Public License. Because of the absence of advanced AI technologies in this app, it may turn out to be not 100% effective because of the inaccurateness that may appear in the transcriptions. Still, this software may be useful for more or less clear recordings that need to be processed fast.

3. Typingpool

This software is unique at some point for transcribing recordings. Why so? While working on each recording, this software chops it into smaller bits and reroutes everything automatically to Mechanical Turk. This is an outsourcing community that has freelance transcription professionals also. Local freelancers process all pieces and the entire file to make content transcribed faster and with a greater level of accuracy compared with standard transcription software.

At first sight, using this software may appear to be too complicated. But, practically, this is not so. It takes a short period of time to process the recordings and, in most cases, it is far cheaper than finding professional transcriptionists. It may take around 1/8 of the average sum that may be spent on the services of professionals.

Even if recordings are processed by humans, this service doesn’t guarantee 100% quality of transcriptions. But, it surely produces better quality than some free samples of software. The one point you should note – it is better not to pass recordings that contain personal and any other sensitive data.

4. Transcription Buddy

This software is a media player. It can arrange playback and slow down your target recordings. You may transcribe these audio files meanwhile using Word, for instance, or another software of this kind. It is also possible to attach a foot pedal along with this app. This will enable to control the speed and playback time. The app is convenient to use but requires lots of time to be spent recognizing what has been said. It may not be helpful for transcribing complicated recordings.

5. Transcription Helper

This is helpful software that can process recordings of different types. It can be used for processing both audio and video recordings. How to use it? It is necessary to create timestamps. This will help you with moving through recording and clarifying certain points, correcting, and double-checking those. What formats are supported by this software? These are MP3, WMA, AVI, WAV, etc. The advantage of this software is that you can stop in the middle of the procession and save intermediate results of your work. This software is a useful one for sure but using it may be a time-consuming thing.

6. VoiceWalker

This application is helpful for dealing with audio recordings thanks to configuring it to smaller pieces. Thanks to doing this, you will be able to listen to each segment separately and transcribe the entire sample. Unfortunately, most transcription actions you will need to do manually only. This is not an easy thing for complicated audio recordings and requires plenty of hours spent to define the original meaning of what has been said. Some most general audio and video formats are supported by this application.

7. Transcribe!

If you have got some music recording to transcribe, use this software for this purpose. Usually, all music recordings are clear in nature because they were recorded at studios. So, dealing with these samples is not a complicated thing at all.

This software is good for optimizing music recordings in a way enabling them to be transcribed easily. It doesn’t create transcriptions by itself. It prepares such materials for the next processing. It can also serve as a music player. But, this software has plenty of features that are not attributed to standard music players. It will enable you to change the speed of recording and that may be especially suitable for clarifying accents, jargon, and similar difficult points for grasping while listening to any specific recording.

The basic option of this software is free. But, 30 days afterward, you will need to purchase its full version to continue using all its features.

8. Express Scribe

This software is designated for making audio recordings slowing down and facilitating making further transcriptions. This is a good tool if you have enough time to recognize manually what has been said during the recordings. For making audio recordings slow down, pedals and hotkeys are used. The speed of recordings can be easily controlled and limited to the minimum required to understand the essence of what has been said during the speech. While working with this software, it is equally easy to process both analog and digital recordings.

You can download this software for free. It doesn’t charge any hidden payments. But, one thing should be noted – this software may not be entirely suitable for processing complicated recordings and may be a time-consuming thing for obvious reasons. A user needs to spend some time listening to the recordings. All subsequent transcriptions should be made manually.

Final Words

That may not be an easy thing to find workable transcription software for Linux OS. Hope this article will provide you with good examples of software that can be used for slowing down, processing, and finally transcribing recordings.

Any independent searches of transcription services and software should be based on assessing concrete criteria. Pay attention to the level of accuracy provided by concrete software or service (80%+). It should not take ages to make transcriptions – the overall turnaround time should be short. Advanced services may provide you with good results within a couple of minutes only. Security should also be ensured without the risk of sending the recording with probably sensitive data elsewhere. It is good if you find free software but sometimes they are useless for dealing with complicated recordings. Search for services with moderate rates – avoid overpaying. Services with high rates don’t guarantee the same high quality. The use of advanced AI technologies should signify to you that a service you are considering now is a worthy one.

Save this article with helpful options to make your life easier. Processing time is always shorter and results are always more accurate if professional advanced transcription software is used for that.